Buds, Beats & Backlog Episode 1

Watch on Twitch or YouTube.

Hi, this is Buds, Beats & Backlog. A new live stream based show where I am going to teach people how to do some pretty cool sh*t.


So this is the web page that I use as my main window, you could almost call it my DESKTOP



Backlog is a link to GitHub open issues, sorted by newest first.

These are things online, on GitHub that need to be done, and if help is wanted, you can jump right in and help!

This is a link in bio that I use for my music stuff. It is built using the Koji platform, which I was introduced to by Dmitry Shapiro, who actually used to be the CTO at MySpace (MySpace are like gods to me, I’m an old fart, and I’d totally have a beer with Tom)

Here you can find a tonne of the stuff that I’ve worked on. I’ve actually done almost all of the work myself, besides the obvious.


This is a live video chat, that can just be used right out of the box without an account.

Anybody can join, and it is powered by Jitsi Meet.

You can also use the link to an Ethercalc.net instance that I have set up where we can collaborate in a live spreadsheet.

Yep, you can flame me all you want here, it doesn’t matter because I could just get a new url, or delete it because it doesn’t matter.

Please, just don’t put anything sensitive in there.

Lastly, I have a javascript widget set up that is hooked up to my lofts.sh Facebook page. It will be filtered through to where it needs to go.

Download my music

I don’t like people not being able to access my music, for whatever reason it may be. For that, I offer an easy followable script that will download all of my music. Thanks Copilot πŸ™‚


If I play anything online, I add the link to my gamer tag so you can join me if you happen to be in a close enough proximity, or want to check out how much I suck.


I try to keep any mentions there may be of me online, just in case I kick the bucket or something. Also, when I can’t remember what the hell I did when I was younger, my daughter will be able to see how cool I wasn’t… πŸ˜‰

[email protected]

[email protected] is my FreshRSS feed. I subscribe to things I’m interested in, or find useful. You can all share it too, it is open and publically available.


This is a password protected area, for stuff that is private, but doesn’t really need to be ‘secure’. The password is kensentme. If you can guess the reference (without looking it up of course) you da MVP.

I’d keep similarly organised links here, but for specific, or work related stuff, that is hidden more so not to confuse people than to be secure.

Reading List

This is a url for my reading list on the platform, Medium.

I like to read ALOT. I find Medium is a good place for me to find things I am interested in, and also stuff that is educational at the same time.

Remote Support

For the obvious… Users… Ugh, layer 8


I wanted to share a list of people that I look up to, but in a less formal way. This way I can have a list of shit cunts, and a list of sick cunts. You should read it, and let me know if there is anyone I should read up about!


This is my /uses page. If you’re in tech long enough you might have one. It is a list of the stuff I use to do most of what I do.






I suggest giving them a look if you have the time.

WPShark (we’ll touch this later on)

My freelancing stuff.

This is a curated set of links that I find useful, and use regularly. I add and remove stuff from here as I go. It could be a good point to start from for beginner developers too.

Pretty fukin neat ey?

I haven’t added much to that music player yet, it was more of a nod to MySpace.

My page is basically just a MySpace profile, with a few extra links.


Cheers, that is the first of this series. It goes for up to an hour, depending what I’m up to.

Please, like, share and subscribe if you can.

Thank you.