Dean Lofts

I am a technology enthusiast, a Linux geek, a Hip Hop producer, a proud Dad and a basketball fan.


I am an educated, passionate and versatile software/web developer/enthusiast/hacker having a solid technical background, strong industry experience, and invaluable problem-solving skills.


  • LAMP/LEMP master with over five years of full-time, freelance, and hobbyist experience developing and maintaining high-quality, database-driven web applications using PHP, MariaDB/MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other standards technologies
  • Adept with scripting/automation on Linux using Bash, Python, Node and other widely known tools
  • Proficient in MariaDB/MySQL development and administration, including security, performance, and high availability
  • I have a very diverse skill set, including (but not limited to) software development, Linux server administration, graphics design, audio, video, support, and training.
  • Able to work independently, recognizing patterns and problems while developing and implementing solutions. Also able to work with a team, managing and delegating tasks appropriately and efficiently.
  • Experience as a developer, freelancer, and tutor has resulted in exceptional problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, and patience.


Top Skills

  • Docker
  • Linux
  • Infrastructure

Programming Languages

Bash, PHP, Python, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js and SQL

Frameworks & Libraries

Bootstrap, React, WordPress


Docker, Docker Compose, Git, Nginx, IPTables, Terraform, AWS

Preffered Operating System


Certifications & Education

  • RMIT University Information Technology · (2015 – 2019)
  • Overnewton Anglican Community College VCE · (1991 – 2003)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Security +
  • Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) [XenApp 6.0]


  • Australian Active Service Medal
  • Australian Defence Medal
  • Iraq Medal


PlayHQ Sports

Site Reliability Engineer – Feb 2022 – Jun 2022

The reason behind my employment ending was a change in business direction. Therefore my abilities and performance were not a factor in the decision to end my employment within the probationary period.

The duties performed in this position included the following:
● Day-to-day operation of an ECS and Kubernetes-based infrastructure on AWS across
multiple accounts
● Supporting engineers in troubleshooting application errors
● Maintaining and expanding our infrastructure through infrastructure-as-code
● Expanding the coverage of our monitoring stack

PVS Australia

Systems Administrator – April 2021 – Feb 2022

  • A system administrator (aka SysAdmin) is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and operation of computer systems and servers. This includes installing and managing desktop and laptop computers, servers, networks, IT security systems, and other critical components of an organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • A system administrator is also responsible for determining appropriate IT policies for businesses, supervising technician staff, and also may be in charge of purchasing IT equipment. The system administrator’s performance is usually measured by the uptime and security of the systems they manage.

Freelancer – August 2020 – Present

  • I provide IT support, consulting, design and hosting, and installed/integrated web-based email marketing solutions, WordPress portals and other misc applications or services.
  • I produced video advertisements, social media content and training videos
  • I started (previously WPShark) in August 2020 while between roles to formalize the freelance work I had been doing since 2016. I have completed several projects working on design, development, hosting, implementation and support
  • I worked for agencies, mostly on too complex projects or when they couldn’t complete them
  • The work I have done under WPShark includes Consulting, System Architecture/Design, Website & Application Development, Hosting, Support, Plugin/Theme Development and Training
  • I provided expert consultations on search engine optimization (SEO) to several small businesses, organizations, and self-employed individuals looking to improve their website’s visibility on search engines

Notable Projects

I designed and developed the online store for Grind Mode Cypher, a Hip Hop music collective with quite a large fan base. The application runs on top of a customized instance of WordPress that I have built and maintained since 2016. I became a partner with Printful, a print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfilment warehouse service, because my software can integrate end to end between WordPress, WooCommerce, Printful and the most prominent social media platforms.

Shake Down Records was my first freelance project where I agreed to things that were way above my skill-set at the time without realizing it. Instead of admitting defeat, I persisted and taught myself what I needed to know on the way without ever really showing it. I put together a payment system using PayPal’s Adaptive Payments to handle commissions between an artist and the record label automatically. I also integrated this application into the ARIA Music statistics collection system. I blew away the staff there who had only ever approved big companies to do this sort of thing when they found out I had put it all together all by myself.

Liftmob Apparel is another online store I put together using my customized WordPress codebase that is heavily involved and respected when it comes to amateur boxing. I worked with the owner on everything from start to finish, and it has been taking off quite rapidly since. I extended my scope to cover graphics design, audio production and video production, and web development and design.

You can find some of my video work on this YouTube Playlist and some music I’ve produced on this Spotify Playlist.

Shake Down Studio

Recording Engineer – August 2020 – September 2020 (2 months)

  • I filled in to cover sessions for Uncool Sam, a recording engineer, while he was away on tour. I like this experience because it shows that I can have them as clients for web development and deliver high-quality results as a professional recording engineer.

Lions Eye Institute

Systems Engineer – November 2019 – April 2020 (6 months)

  • I maintained a predominantly VMware/Windows environment of ~ six physical and >200 VM machines, networking and storage systems.
  • I was responsible for node patching, updates, backups, monitoring, and responding to the weekend and night-time system outages.
  • I Installed enterprise hardware: networking, NAS/SAN cabinets, servers and enclosures.

Vizstone Pty Ltd

Customer Service Technician L3 – August 2019 – October 2019 (3 months)

  • I wrote detailed documentation and procedures and developed comprehensive test plans and test case scenarios.
  • I documented practices for new employee training., and coordinated test efforts with team members and other staff.
  • I executed and documented tests, isolated and verified defects and followed up to make sure of resolution.
  • I was a senior member of the customer support team serving ~150 customers using various operating systems and applications.
  • Solved many issues that eluded others, ultimately improving the confidence and efficiency of less experienced technicians.

CorpCloud Pty Ltd

DevOps Engineer – April 2019 – July 2019 (4 months)

  • Develop cloud stacks utilizing Python, Troposphere (Cloudformation), Git, and GitLab CI available native services within AWS.
  • Compute creation, storage management, networking, database, security groups and load balancing, focusing on infrastructure as code.
  • Storage management across cloud platforms (AWS S3 most commonly)
  • Cloud automation utilises various tools that range from Digital Rebar to Terraform.

Thales Australia

Senior Test & Integration Technician – January 2018 – April 2019 (1 year, four months)

  • I worked in a highly classified environment for this period and cannot provide many details of my work.
  • Linux RedHat
  • Shell scripting
  • Documentation & Procedures
  • Test case development & execution
  • Integrating live systems

Unisys Australia

System Engineer – October 2015 – January 2018 (2 years four months)

  • I worked at the Defence Science & Technology Group for this period and cannot provide details of my work.

UXC Connect

  • Solutions Consultant – January 2014 – October 2015 (1 year ten months)

Wheatstone Construction Village Expansion – Chevron/Bechtel – (~2000 end users)

Design/System Integration/Documentation/Site Acceptance – Calix GPON system, PAGA, Geutebrück CCTV.

Daronmont Technologies – Department of Defence (~50 end users)

Implementation – DRN/DSN WAN connectivity, Telstra GWIP, Juniper NetScreen, Cisco, Workstations, Multi-Function Devices.

Wheatstone Construction Village – Chevron/Bechtel (~3800 end users)

Fault Rectification/Site Acceptance/Documentation – 3800 room village Calix GPON system, PAGA, Geutebrück CCTV, RACS.

Rio Tinto – Argyle Diamond Mine Wireless (~500 end users)

Design/System Integration/Proof of Concept/Factory Acceptance – 500 room village Calix GPON system, Cisco Wireless 5760 Controller, Cisco 702W Aironet APs, HSIA (Logged Internet Access), FortiGate, FortiAnalyzer.

Rio Tinto – Wickham Lodge Expansion (~250 end users)

Expansion of Wickham Village Design/Factory Acceptance/Implementation/ Site Acceptance – 200-room apartment building Calix GPON system, Teleste expansion, IPTV, HSIA (Logged Internet Access), Alcatel Lucent VOIP expansion.

Rio Tinto – Wickham Communications Room Relocation (~1000 end users)

Relocation/Site Acceptance – Calix GPON system, Teleste IPTV System, Alcatel Lucent PABX, Cisco Network, Fortinet Firewall and Analyzer, Procera Packet Shaper, Satellite and Terrestrial RF system and Foxtel.

Installation/Site Acceptance – Telstra GWIP, Avaya 4500 Switch Stack, Juniper NetScreen. Migrated Workstations, Servers, Printers and Tape Library.

Atlas Iron Abydos Project (~250 end users)

Design/System Integration/Proof of Concept/Factory Acceptance/Site Acceptance – Calix GPON system, TriplePlay: IPTV, HSIA (Logged InternetAccess), Cisco Internal Network, Firewall, VOIP, Satellite WAN, Ruckus Zone Director/Zoneflex Access Points.

Unisys Australia

  • Customer Engineer – September 2010 – January 2014 (3 years, five months)
  • Server: Support the server and storage infrastructure. Fault and problem rectification, changes, availability (backups), capacity (user data), security (disposal), spares (support and deployable) and configuration management
  • Network: Support the Network’s active and passive infrastructure. Fault and problem rectification, changes, availability (proactive support), capacity (Ports), security (disposal, access), spares (support and deployable) and configuration management, cable pit inspection, and user-to-patch panel testing and review
  • Desktop: Support the desktops and peripherals. Fault and problem rectification, changes, security (disposal, access), spares (support, swap-outs and deployable) and configuration management
  • Software: General software support at the user level, administration and changes as directed. Access administration of Notes management of local (regional) Defence Approved Software List (DASL); On-site: Additional activities required at the regional locations. Asset audits, updating of Configuration Management Data Bases (CMDB), escorting, keys management and security.
  • Projects – Technology rollouts and refreshes
  • Services Management: Management of Incidents and Changes, call system usage, workforce management, Problem and Release management.

Royal Australian Navy

  • Communications & Information Systems Sailor – September 2004 – September 2010 (6 years 1 month)

2008-2010 Royal Australian Navy HMAS Stirling

Defcommsta Perth Operator / SOR Operator / Communications Watch Supervisor

  • Duties include Satellite communication, Radio operation (VLF/HF), Message handling and distribution, and Supervising and training junior operators.
  • It required Top Secret security clearance.
  • I Was awarded The Australian Defence Medal at this time.

2006-2008 Royal Australian Navy HMAS Anzac

Communication and Information Systems Sailor

  • Primary duties include Satellite communication, Message handling, processing and distribution, Visual signalling, and Tactical radio operation (UHF/VHF)
  • I was supervising and training junior operators.
  • Ancillary duties include LAN Administration, and I worked with Blade servers running Windows Server 2003. I was involved with the upgrade from Windows NT.
  • I refurbished laptops and desktops. Problem detection and solving.
  • I provided troubleshooting, diagnosis, installed, upgraded, configured and repaired computer systems and network system components and installed and interfaced computer hardware, including multimedia, memory and video components. I provided troubleshooting on network connectivity, desktop configuration, printer connectivity, and network access issues regarding permissions.
  • Repaired and upgraded hardware and software for PC systems.
  • I was part of Operation Catalyst, and was awarded The Australian Active Service Medal and The Iraq Medal.
  • I was awarded a promotion to Able Seaman.

2005-2006 Royal Australia Navy Russel Offices

Defcommsta Australia Fixed Network Operator

  • Duties include HF Radio voice and data operations, setting up and utilizing HF radio circuits, and transitioning to a backup network management facility.

2004-2005 Royal Australian Navy HMAS Cerberus

Recruit/Sailor under training

  • Completed basic training followed by a course to become a qualified
  • Communication and Information Systems Sailor.
  • Completed training and received Top Secret Security Clearance.